Miniature Heroes

Ral Partha Legacy

Now when I first started in the hobby, many moons ago, there were three main manufacturers of fantasy miniatures. Citadel, Grenadier and Ral Partha. All have undergone considerable changes during the intervening years. Ral Partha has been no exception, but now it’s getting a new lease of life from a friend of mine, Jacob Fathbruckner.

Jacob has managed to get the licence to manufacture the old Ral Partha ranges, remoulded and now cast in lead free pewter. If this wasn’t good enough, he’s also got the licence from Tom Meier to produce and sell his later Thunderbolt Mountain miniatures range.

Now the younger amoung you are probably thinking, whose this Tom Meier chap? Did he ever work for GW? As he ever made a space marine? Well yes, and no, so sit comfortably and I will begin to explain just who this sculpting master is.

Tom is one of the founding fathers of the original Ral Partha Company, and he suculpted a good deal of it’s original miniatures. What set him apart, and still does, is his attention to detail and proportion. Every miniature he produces is not only a work of art, but an accurate scale representation too. If it were possible to scale up his work, it would look just like a statue. His ability to create the finest of details puts even modern digital sculpting to shame. In another life he would have been a watchmaker, and would probably have excelled at that too.

Jacob is still working a full time job, and using every spare hour to make Ral Partha Legacy a success. So when he felt able to take on a retailer outside of the United States, I was very happy to answer the call. The first range I brought in were Tom’s later Thunderbolt Mountain 30mm scale range. Elves, Goblins, Wolves and even a troll, all with his hallmark attention to detail. If you like his work for Darksword, you will love these.

I’m currently working out what will be the second range I bring into stock. It depends like all things on available funds, and what is most popular. As always I’m also open to suggestions, so if there is something you’d like to see in the shop from the Ral Partha Legacy line, let me know 🙂