Store closed for a while.

As some of you may know, I combine running Miniature-Heroes with being the sole carer for my elderly father. In normal times everything runs along quite happily. But these aren’t normal times. My Dad is 85,  and has many health problems. These are serious enough on their own, but if Covid-19 was added to them, I fear it would be fatal.

As sole carer I have the closest contact with him, so it makes sense for me to limit my contact with other people as much as possible. I’m also asthmatic, so you see this wouldn’t be great for me either.

Taking in deliveries, and going to the post office are only very small risks, but for the reasons I’ve stated, I have to minimise them. Therefore with a heavy heart I’ve had to close the shop till things improve. You can still browse, and I’m still at the other end to answer queries etc, but no new orders will be taken.

Existing orders and back orders will be processed and completed as normal.

I hope you understand my decision. I also whole heartily hope that you and your loved ones come through this crisis in good health and happiness.

Tim Fitch

The shop is closed to new orders till further notice. Please see the explaination on the front of the home page for more information. Dismiss