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Dwarf Kings Court

Dwarf Kings Court

Travel with me back to the early 80’s, to the Dwarf Kings Court. When miniatures were smaller, made with lead, and you had to go to a shop to buy them. To those of us who were around at this time, things certainly look different today. No internet, no mobile phones, only three channels on […]

Mort’s Miniature Volg 28 ( and a plug for MH :)

Friend of the shop Mortis has his own video blog where he discusses all things miniature, and shows how he does certain effects too. He bought the new Bones Black 44044 Dark Watcher from Reaper Miniatures through me, and has been kind enough to give the shop a plug. Always nice to see where the […]

Pathfinder Paints from Reaper Miniatures

A little advanced news for this post. Reaper have been working with Paizo on a new range of officially licenced Pathfinder paints. All acrylic and suitable for metal, plastic and resin miniatures. I think these are going live on the 4th September 2019, but that could be subject to change. For more information about them, […]

Airbrush like a pro with Shane Rozzell – part 2

This is the second video in the series that Shane is doing, sharing his knowledge of airbrush techniques. He’s continuing taking the 3D printed barrel from it’s plain state to that of a fully weathered metal looking barrel. Eventually it’ll be part of a bigger piece he’s working on, so stayed turned for more videos.

Launching News, Views and Updates

The new site is actually powered by blogging software, so it makes sense to make use of it as a news portal and a way to reach customers who aren’t on Facebook, and who don’t receive the newsletter. Of course actually reading things does prove to be a bit of a problem when it comes […]

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