Female Ranger with Falcon

Painting a Darksword Miniature – Completed


Well, if you’d said when I started painting this ranger miniature the world would be turned on its head by the time I finished it ….

I know I’m not a quick painter, but things have certainly changed rapidly. But I’m not going to dwell on it here. Suffice to say I wish everyone a safe passage through these dark times.

The Finished Miniature

So back the the Darksword Female Ranger with her little feathered friend. It’s now finished to the best level I can do at the moment. I did go with a limited amount of freehand on the cloak as you can see by the darker green border. Thinned paint and multiple coats seemed to work well, and I think it looks crisp enough. I did try and add a very thin black line just to separate it a bit more from the pale green. This worked better in some places than others. I also worked on lightening the outside of the cloak to give it a bit more of a sun faded look to the slightly stronger shade on the inside.

Metallic Areas

The metallics are all true metallics, and probably the weakest part. I wasn’t a fan of the type of armour she’s wearing, and I’m still not. Bits and pieces of protection held together by straps and belts don’t really look very practical. I also don’t tend to think of Rangers as having much in the way of heavy armour protection. They have to track and scout quietly and be able to move quickly, metal armour tends to hamper this. I tried to highlight these areas as best I could, but I still think they’re a bit too dark.

Leathers and Skintones

Leather areas and the Falcon came out better. I shaded her hair to a more muted colour too. It was looking too yellow, and proper blonde isn’t really yellow, so that was fixed. Face came out well, if a little pale which is one of my persistant problems. The reaper fair skin triad 9716 doesn’t have enough tonal change between the three shades to reallt show up. I’ve got a 9787 bronzed skin triad now so am going to mix and match them about to try and get a bit more variation.


Her white tunic / trousers were a bit of a pain. I took advice from a higher power regarding this, ie Vince Venturella and his Hobby Cheating guide to making it look right. I would have never thought of using a blue based purple as the shading colour, but I do now. Worth chacking out Vince’s videos if you haven’t come across them before.


So for a conclusion. Despite my niggles about the armour, the actual sculpting of the whole miniature is superb. Jeff Grace is a masterful talent and the quality of his work certainly lifted my painting. Personally I’m really pleased with how it came out. It’s not as good as the Darksword display piece that Matt Verzani painted, ( which I’ve included for comparison in the gallery ), but it’s heading in the right direction. Non Mettallic Metals ( NMM ), might have worked better, but I’ve got to learn how to do those.  Apart from that, I’m happy.


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