Ral Partha Legacy

Ral Partha Legacy Now when I first started in the hobby, many moons ago, there were three main manufacturers of fantasy miniatures. Citadel, Grenadier and Ral Partha. All have undergone considerable changes during the intervening years. Ral Partha has been no exception, but now it’s getting a new lease of life from a friend of …

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Venturing into Youtube

I’ve been a bit remiss updating the news section, so apologies for that. To be honest after re-opening things were quite busy, and I had new stock to get in. The messages of goodwill I had over the closing of the site, and those I received when re-opening, were very heartwarming. Indeed they got me …

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Shop Re-Opening

Shop Re-opening Well firstly, I hope everyone reading this has got through the initial wave of this pandemic without the loss of loved ones. Dad and I are OK, and a new normal is starting to emerge. I don’t think we’re in the clear by a long way, but perhaps we now have a better …

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