Miniature Heroes

Ral Partha Imperial Dragon

Only a short one this time, but I wanted to show this chap off. It’s a Ral Partha Imperial Dragon, sculpted by Tom Meier back is 1982. it was a limited edition boxed set back then with 8000 being for the US market and 2000 being for the UK and Europe. There are a few […]

How to Improve your Tabletop Miniature Painting ?

Right, you’ve been painting for a while. Perhaps you got one of the excellent “Learn to paint Kits” from Reaper and now want to take things on a bit. But how? Well I’m going to give you the benefit of my extensive painting experience, and in future hopefully get a few pro painters to give […]

What’s so Great about Dark Sword Miniatures ?

Dark Sword Scale Comparison

Ok, you’ve got a campaign to run. Need a dozen of so orcs to give your players a hard time as they enter the second level of the dungeon ? Well Reaper Bones plastics are going to be the most cost effective option. But for your player characters; miniatures that have got to last the […]

Bones USA Plastic

30034 Reaper 2021 Mouslings

In the beginning the world was dark and void, and there weren’t any minis. God saw this, thought we can’t have that, and promtly created them. Then he had to make a whole universe to give his tiny creations a bit of relevance, but that’s another story. What I’m getting to in a very round […]

Giant Troll – Finishing

Ral Partha Legacy Giant Trolls

Welcome the the third and final part of my giant troll painting journey. Here you’ll see the finished paint jobs and be able to make your own minds up as to whether it’s a good job or not. Of course the critical thing is whether Jacob of Ral Partha Legacy thinks it’s a good thing […]

Posh Troll

Posh Troll

Time to give the troll with a scythe a bit of attention now. As I mentioned earlier, this one doesn’t fit the classic view I have of a troll. Bit too well dressed and carrying a farming impliment, i’ve nicknamed him Posh Troll. But it does provide interesting painting due to the design of his […]

How green is your troll ?

Ral Partha Legacy Giant Troll

One of the very odd aspects of painting fantasy miniatures are the now accepted skintone norms for certain races. Orcs and Orks are green and always have been. Skaven are brown, goblins are green, while elves, humans and dwarves are generally caucasian. I try to be a little more adventerous with grey skinned elves and […]

Trolls, Brushes and Bones

Ral Partha Legacy Giant Trolls

Carrying on from the last post, the Ral Partha Legacy trolls have moved to the painting table. Now I’m not an expert painter, and nor do I profess to have a great artistic knowledge or ability. But I will discribe what I do in the hope you might find it useful, and occasionally even humourous. […]

I’ve been drafted !

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write a blog post. In truth it’s been a lack of time problem. Since the last post, I’ve moved servers, changed IT professionals, and had the theme changed on the shop. It’s all added up to a lot of work, mainly […]

Ral Partha Legacy

Ral Partha Legacy Now when I first started in the hobby, many moons ago, there were three main manufacturers of fantasy miniatures. Citadel, Grenadier and Ral Partha. All have undergone considerable changes during the intervening years. Ral Partha has been no exception, but now it’s getting a new lease of life from a friend of […]

Lament of the Mini Painter

Now I’ve been painting minis since 1984 It’s been a hobby I enjoy, never been a chore. I think I’ve painted most everything, from halflings to dragons large, Humans, ogres, trolls and gnomes, even one thing on a barge. I’ve learnt to drybrush, wash and shade; highlight too at times, OSL when needs arise, and […]

GreenStuff World Restock & Reaper New Releases

UV 30ml Water Effect Resin

GreenStuff World make a lot of really great products, some of which I’ve been stocking in the shop for the last couple of years. I have to admit I’ve been a bit slow to re-stock their lines lately. But all that has now changed with the large delivery I received from them last week. So […]

Return of some of the Bones codes


Return of some Bones codes. I sometimes get enquiries as to why I haven’t got a specific Bones mini in stock. Usually it’s because it isn’t a stock item. However sometimes it’s down to availability from Reaper themselves. Just to make things clearer, Reaper don’t produce their plastic miniatures in house like they do with […]

New Releases from Reaper Miniatures

4006 Arik Human Barbarian

New Realeases from Reaper Miniatures. So here we are, the first new metal miniature releases of 2020 by Reaper. A bit of a mixed bag too, and some faces that you have definately seen before in other lines. It’s also a bit of a milestone moment, as with the release of Arik the Barbarian, the […]

Out for a Walk with Dad

Out for a Walk with Dad

Out for a Walk with Dad, Those that know me, know I have a great fondness for old pre-slotta Citadel miniatures. They make up most of my collection. I also like the more humourous offerings they used to make, and here are a couple of prime examples I painted over the Christmas holidays. For those […]

Kitsune, Kenku & Cats – New Darksword Miniatures

Kitsune Kenku & Cats With the new year, and new decade just around the corner I’d like to offer my thanks to you my news blog readers, and to all who have bought from and supported my little one man shop. None of us know what the coming year may bring, but I do sincerely […]

Mort’s Miniature Volg 28 ( and a plug for MH :)

Friend of the shop Mortis has his own video blog where he discusses all things miniature, and shows how he does certain effects too. He bought the new Bones Black 44044 Dark Watcher from Reaper Miniatures through me, and has been kind enough to give the shop a plug. Always nice to see where the […]

A few more Bones Black Additions

In their last update Reaper released a few more of their new Bones Black miniatures. The release also included the first Bones Black kit which is Mumlak the Elephant headed ogre / giant on the main picture. This is the first kit they’re released in this new plastic, and yes it is a plastic. I […]

Latest Reaper Metal Miniatures Release

3960 Oman Human Wizard

Reaper have released these 5 new metal miniatures, which are now availble to pre-order from the MH shop. Grab and pull the image to see the next one. Bloodhoof has been available in plastic for quite some time, but the other 4 appear to be newly released sculpts. Don’t forget to register your accounts and […]