Painting a Darksword Miniature- Part 2

Painting a Darksword Miniature – Part 2

I had hoped to get another post about this up a bitt sooner than this, but I caught a cold and it’s slowed things down a bit.

I have managed to get a bit further along with the project though, as I hope you can see by the photos.

Normally I’m a bit hit and miss with blocking in colours en masse like I’ve done here. I usually just pick a large are of the mini and concentrate on that. But as I’m sort of following the professionally painted mini’s colour scheme, I don’t have to think to much for myself. Therefore I’ve got on and blocked in some base colours. Reaper 9144 Creamy Ivory for her tunic and trouser arrangement. Have to admit I find this probably the most confusing part of the sculpt. It’s like she’s wearing a sort of one-piece affair, like long-johns, when I would have expected a more tunic and breeches combo. Still perhaps I’m reading it wrong, anyway, Creamy Ivory for a basecoat it is.


The armour portions are Reaper 9205 Blackened Steel. I’ve found it best to start with the darkest shade for armour and then work lighter. On another note, is that armour really worth wearing ? It does though pass the Norman index for such things so perhaps it’s not all bad.

Boots & Leather bits

Boots were Citadel Contrast paint Gore-Grunta fur. I like these as they provide an instant shading which can be worked on and enhanced later. The other leather bits have been basecoated Reaper 9031 Tanned Leather. Rocks have been given a base of Citadel Contrast Iyanden Yellow, ( who thinks up these names ? ), with a coat of Citadel Contrast Darkoath Flesh over the top. I’m trying for a weathered sandstone effect, but this will do as the base for the time being.


The cloak is the main event for this mini, lots of movement in it, and it’s large too. I could mention how wonderful it would be moving through thorny undergrowth with such a garment, but I won’t 😉

Reaper 9012 Pale green for the base shade. I used Reaper 9658 Christmas Wreath as the dark shade and mixed it with varying amounts of pale green for the mid tones. Christmas wreath is a freebie shade reaper produce for their christmas promotions so it’s generally available. To be fair any strong dark green would have done.

As you can see I’ve spent a bit more time on the cloak. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a major part of the mini and her body sort of backs into it. So getting it done and out of the way first, makes sense.

I’m not going to go into a long ramble about how to shade as there is a lot of info about it on Youtube. But I will mention a tip a pro painter gave to me. Mix equal thirds flow improver, drying retarter and distilled water together, and use this to thin your paints. Smooths things out and allows you the time for a bit of feathering while the paint is still being helpful. Highlight colur was the wonderful Reaper 9061 Linen White. It’s a really versitile soft white that seems to work with just about everything.

Citadel Contrast Dark Angels Green, thinned down with my special mix was used for the darkest areas. I also made a glaze out of some of the Christmas Wreath / Pale Green mix, as I wanted the inside of the cloak to be a bit darker than the sun faded outside. Vallejo Glaze Medium is your friend here. Really nice product and works with the Reaper and Citadel paints a treat. I applied a couple of glazes over the whole of the inside of the cloak, and I hope the pictures show the effect it produced.

I’m pretty happy with the cloak for the moment. I’m tempted by doing some freehand on it, but I’m not good at it and don’t want to ruin what I have done. I’ll ponder some more while I work on other bits.

So there we are.

See you all for part 3 🙂


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