Warlord Metal Miniatures

Warlord Metal Miniatures are the physical manifestation of the Warlord Skirmish game. Superbly detailed metal miniatures that are organised into factions, some good, some not so. Each one comes with a slotta base, and many are noted in the Warlord 2nd edition rules, also available from the Miniature-Heroes online store.

This description from the back cover of the rule book describes things rather well.

” The Land of Taltos has never known peace. Warriors, thugs, monsters and demons entangle themselves amoungst the humans, elves, dwarves and other races. Some seek power, some influence, but all strive to become masters of the domain of Taltos – to become Warlords! Will you rise to the challenge? Choose a side! Take up a standard, gather your army, and write your own legacy into the history books! “

Or you could just collect and paint them 🙂 All are supplied unpainted and some will require assembly.

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