1159 : Rolling Pin Plain - 25 mm dia *

1 Plain Smooth Rolling Pin


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Rolling Pin Plain Plain rolling pins capable of flattening putties, fimo and other sculpting clays.

Made with clear PMMA plastic with amazing non-stick properties.

Non-toxic. Length: 14’50 cm (5’5 inches) Diameter: 2’5cm (1 inch)

It is particularly useful for making thin and even surfaces such us flags, cloths, cloaks, etc…

If you are flattening Green Stuff Putty, we recommend you use talcum powder and some water to moisten the putty and the Rolling Pin to achieve amazing thin and smooth surfaces. The talcum powder also allows you to touch the Green Stuff without leaving any fingerprints.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After working with the Rolling Pins, use a Scratch Brush and plenty of water to clean off any residue on the Rolling Pins if required.

SAFETY: To ensure safety, children should be closely monitored by a responsible adult.

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