Miniature Heroes

Only a short one this time, but I wanted to show this chap off. It’s a Ral Partha Imperial Dragon, sculpted by Tom Meier back is 1982. it was a limited edition boxed set back then with 8000 being for the US market and 2000 being for the UK and Europe. There are a few subtle differences between the US and UK ones. The US one has the addition of a toaster, while the UK one has a bowler hat & umbrella. Tony Ackland also added a little MP 40 machine gun.

It is missing it’s back spines, as this was an ebay purchase from many years ago. One wing was also a bit damaged, which I’ve repaired. I think it might have been dropped at some point.

Anyway, here it is.

Umbrella & Hat – MP40 Machine Gun

If you have one, or are lucky enough to find one, get it. Great fun to paint !