Shop Re-Opening

Shop Re-opening

Well firstly, I hope everyone reading this has got through the initial wave of this pandemic without the loss of loved ones. Dad and I are OK, and a new normal is starting to emerge. I don’t think we’re in the clear by a long way, but perhaps we now have a better understanding of how to work around Covid-19.

With that in mind I’m re-opening the shop. My local post office now has systems in place for contactless drop offs, and it’ll be my one allowed exercise walk a day to take my parcels down to them.

Things have changed

Ordering items that are on Back-order will mean longer delays than before. Reaper have just 10 packers working so social distancing can be maintained at their Denton HQ. Normally they have 60, so as you can see, things are going to be slower.

Darksword are smaller, but affected by the same lockdown rules too. Shipping flights to the UK are erratic, postal services are stretched, and delays are the result. Please think before you order back ordered items, they will delay your order being shipped unless you wish to pay extra for a split order dispatch.

Site Improvements

Despite 7 weeks of no order packing, I have still been hard at work in the shop. The move from the old Zencart powered shop to this new woocommerce one was difficult. I lost a lot of secondary pictures for items, and product information too. I’ve spent quite a bit of time going through all the Dungeon Dwellers, Pathfinder and Warlord metal miniatures ranges, and getting them up to speed again.

Descriptions and size information where I can, more pictures if available, and the quick search tags have been improved and expanded. There are still listings to work on, but in this down time I’ve sorted out just under 1000 of them.

So, thank you for bearing with me and being so understanding.



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