Welcome to the Miniature-Heroes online shop. Here you will find miniatures from well known makes like Reaper and Darksword, along with some less well known brands like Westfalia and Mannequin.

Whilst I mainly concentrate on Fantasy miniatures that are suitable for D&D style role playing games, there are some other genres too. Reaper’s Chronoscope range covers everything from Steampunk, Historical and Science-Fiction. It’s also the place to look for Superheroes, and of course Super Villians too.

I stock a large range of Reaper Master Series, and Bones acrylic paints. Available as single dropper bottles, 3 shade Triads and paints sets. Reaper also do special Learn to Paint Kits which comprise of paints, brushes, some Bones plastic minis and a painting guide written by professional mini painter Rhonda Bender.

For hobby supplies like Scenic Grass, Tufts and some cool Colorshift paints, Green Stuff World is the section you need to visit. From tools to modelling putties, it’s all here to help raise your painted mini to the next level.

Finally, a little note on how the store works. In stock means just that. Out of stock means I need to more more in. This I normally do in batches throughout the year. Available to backorder means I don’t have it, but I can order it in. I order from Reaper Miniatures roughly every fortnight. Just look at the top of the site to see the next ordering date. Darksword Miniatures orders can take a little longer, but as with all things about the site, if in doubt – ask. I’m only a contact box email away.

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Tim Fitch

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