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Reaper have sent me some interesting items that I think are the first, and perhaps only ones to hit these shores.

Drinking bottles, paint water cups, pens, and even little flat plastic paint mixing sheets. Pictures are below.

How to get these is very simple, place an order for all Reaper products.

£ 20 + gets either a pen or a mixing sheet.

£ 50 + gets a water cup + pen or mixing sheet

£ 80 + gets a drinking bottle, + water cup, + pen or mixing sheet.

The offer will last till I run out of stuff.

I have 21 pens, 4 mixing sheets, 6 greeny/blue cups and 4 black ones, and 4 drinking bottles.

When you order please state whether you’d like a pen or sheet, and what colour cup you would prefer. I’ll do my best to supply what you state, but it is first come first served.